What Are The Types Of Golf Shafts Available?

Types of golf shaft

If you want to play golf like a pro, you must know which shaft to by. Many factors go into buying the best shaft for you. Before you go for buying golf club shafts for sale, you must remember that just buying the costliest will not help you. According to golfworks.com the various characteristics of the golf shaft that are responsible for making it the best shaft for you.

The steel shafts are a good option as they are very strong and durable and can be bought for the lower price. These shafts that are made of carbon steel do not experience any kind of lateral twisting and provide better control on your shots. These are designed to provide you with greater accuracy.

The graphite shafts are more expensive but are lighter in weight. This shaft has been designed to provide greater speed and distance, but due to lateral flexing, the control is an issue in this type of shaft.

Then there are also the shafts that are made of both steel and graphite mixed together in definite proportions. These provide you with the advantages of both the materials. The shaft is made of steel while the tip is of graphite. This produces greater distance with control.
The titanium shafts have also been introduced in the market to provide you with something that is not only lightweight but is also able to lighten the vibrations. You must buy this shaft if you want to buy a stiff shaft.

What more, you can even get a shaft that has been custom made for you. This was not available for regular players a few years ago, but these days anyone can get their golf shaft changed according to their preferences. Whatever type of golf shaft you buy, make sure that it suits your style.