Are Golf Grips Impacting The Score Of Your Game?

Golf Grips Impacting

Every golf player knows that the game is all about control. It is the reason why people get addicted to it. With so many variables out of the hands of the player, the aim is to gain control over the few that are possible like the grip on the club. This unpredictability of the game is what pushes players to just one more shot because that next shot can the best they ever made or vice versa. The club grip is one place where a player can have absolute power that is why products like an all weather golf grip have gained so much demand.

For beginners, an important learning is that the grip is the focal point of a golf game. An incorrect grip can cause major faults in your swing. To learn how to create a better grip take a look at a piece published on www.golftipsmag.com/. In this article, we explain how a grip impacts the score of your game. First things first, if the grip on the club you are using is old and worn out replace it. Yes, grips do bear the burden of wear and tear. From the heat of the sun to the oils on our fingers, everything affects them. With time, the material of the golf grip is bound to fade. Install a new grip to the club. It will lead to more confident hold on the club, therefore a better swing. Confidence is the key to wrist movement in the game of golf which in return impacts your score.

The average time between changes of grips is said to be every forty or so rounds. For those players who do not find this financially feasible, remember that the cost also ranges from as little as $7 to as high as $130. You can choose the cost that does not weigh too heavily on you. But do not skimp on changing worn out grips, they will drastically affect your game. Another way grips impact the overall score of the game is the fitting. A grip that is not made to your size will hinder your swing. Just like the scale of the club should match your swing, the size of the grip should also be ideal for your hands.

It does not matter if you are a day one learner or a professional player when it comes to sizing the grip it is essential for every golfer. A wrong grip could either be too loose or too tight. Both club grips will result in faults and errors in your swing. For example, a grip that is too snug on the club will lead to the player holding the club tighter to compensate for the size. This will cause tension to build along the entire length of the arm and in the shoulders. Tight muscles hinder your capability to swing freely.

For some players, a ribbed grip is a good fit because it keeps on reminding them of the correct position of each hand on the club. For others, it may prove to be a distraction. So, try on a few club grips before finalizing on one.